Peter Pan + Edith’s – The Coffee Tahini Donut

From @edithsbk on Instagram

I love a good collaboration. Two (or many) great minds coming together, bringing the best of what they have to offer, and creating something even greater than the sum of their parts is a dream. Often, collaborations can go too extreme, but when each party plays their part just right, the results can be divine.

For over fifty years, Peter Pan has been serving up some of the best donuts in North Brooklyn. Their old school charm and classic varieties have made them a neighborhood staple for decades. They even landed in the latest Spiderman movie as the workplace of MJ (played by Zendaya). Edith’s is a newbie, one that popped-up during the pandemic and has quickly become my go-to spot for breakfast and lunch. While Peter Pan relies on long-standing traditions, Edith’s is all about innovation with their fantastic approach to the classic New York style Jewish deli counter seen through the eyes of the ever-changing Williamsburg landscape.

A partnership between the two never crossed my mind, but last week when they started to tease a collaboration, I knew something special was headed my way. Resulting in something truly heavenly, the classic sour cream donut from Peter Pan’s is used as the base and has been mixed with Greek Coffee and Tahini glaze to create something totally out of this world.

The standard cake donut is still dense, chewy and full of flavor, but it’s elevated with the not-too-sweet glaze courtesy of the brilliant minds running Edith’s kitchen. There’s a bit of a crunch from the glaze and the extra drizzle on top really sends this one to the next level. It’s an all-star collaboration that almost feels too good to be true, but in the words of the iconic Joni Mitchell, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” and this one is here for one week only, so don’t miss out.

If you’re in the city and have time (these have been selling out before 11:00am), you must do everything you can to get to Edith’s and try one for yourself. Personally, I made it my mission to go first thing on Monday as to not miss out and I’ll be back again before the week ends.

Score: 9/10