Kane’s Donuts – Boston, MA

When we seek out new donut shops to visit, support, dine at, and eventually write about, chains don’t usually make the cut. Personally, I love to find local small businesses at home in New York City or when I’m out on vacation that satisfy my cravings. Usually, there is a Dunkin Donuts, a Krispy Kreme, a Tim Horton’s or other massive chain that is sure to sell donuts no matter where you are in the country. Usually, these places aren’t very good and the idea of visiting a chain can spoil the appetite.

Jason has mentioned it before, but there is, however, a rare gem in existence that fits somewhere between the fast food donut options and the local hot spot. In Massachusetts, these tend to be a bit more common and on a recent trip, I checked out Kane’s Donuts to satisfy a craving. Established in 1955, Kane’s has three locations (two in Saugus, MA and one in downtown Boston) today and a great back story. Always family-owned, the mom and pop shop always had fresh donuts ready to serve throughout the day in addition to cups of coffee for the hard working New England town. Current owners, Peter and Kay Delios bought the original shop decades ago and opened the new locations all while keep the family affair in order.

Now, the small chain is one of Massachusetts’ most prominent donut retailers and their impressive menu keeps lines forming at all locations. On a Sunday morning, I headed to the Route 1 location in Saugus which doubles as their main kitchen for their wide variety of yeast donuts (the gluten-free kitchen is at the original spot). “Donuts are love” was the phrase plastered all over the walls and there was a joy and excitement in the air the moment I walked in.

For the occasion, I ordered a dozen donuts from across the menu. Highlights included: Boston Creme, Double Apple Cider, Lemon Poppy, Strawberry Frosted, Maine Blueberry, Maple Bacon, Chocolate Glazed, Creme Brulée, and Maple Pumpkin. Each one seemed to be better than the next. The insides were moist and full of flavor and the outer glazes and frostings were applied perfectly, never excessive and always distributed with near perfection.

The seasonal flavors hit the hardest and the Maple Pumpkin in particular still lingers on my tastebuds. The interior a wonderful blend of pumpkin spices with a dense chewy bit coated with a delicious maple glaze. The two flavors together were an out of this world experience. The Double Apple Cider was another strong contender and the Maine Blueberry was delectable, light, airy, and bursting with flavor.

It’s always fun to find new small business to support and even better when they sell your favorite goods. Seeing a shop be able to navigate the complexities of not only running multiple locations, but keeping the product in peak form as well is almost more rewarding. As I paid for my order and carried the giant box out the door, I heard the person behind the register great the customer behind me. A little boy and his mom were there to grab an order and the employee immediately recognized the family as regulars and brought the small, local charm to the front and center of the experience. The perfect icing, or in this case perhaps… frosting on the cake.