Super Nice Coffee and Bakery

In a city like New York, there are an unlimited number of places to grab coffee and a pastry. Whether it’s a local bodega, neighborhood roaster, city staples, or a massive chain like Starbucks, the city has no shortage of caffeine and sweets waiting for you around every corner.

One such place exists up in Harlem right off Lexington Ave tucked away on a casual side street. On East 117th, you’ll find Super Nice Coffee and Bakery, a spot that truly lives up to its name. Opened by Danny Macaroons, the shop is stocked with a wide variety of pastries and other sweet treats as well as a robust coffee menu.

Their current set up is only window service for now, but there is still a full menu and when I dropped by on a Sunday afternoon, I had full range of options including cake, yeast, and vegan donuts. While not known exclusively for donuts, that was obviously the point of my trip and still I was enticed by almost every other food item in the display case.

I opted for a Maple Pecan and a Fruity Pebble for the my yeast choices, a Cider Glazed Apple cake and a Mexican Chocolate old fashioned. The yeast were delightful, each one light and chewy with a perfect airy quality that tasted incredibly fresh. The frosting was evenly spread, and not over done and the pecans and cereal bits were applied with balance and composure. The Cider Glazed Apple perhaps seems most appropriate in the fall, but it was still delicious as a New Year treat. Again, the glaze wasn’t too thick and really complimented the moist and perfectly spiced interior. The Mexican Chocolate was rich in flavor and packed more of a punch than Dunkin’s Ghost Pepper Donut, but was a bit too crunchy and well-done. The flavors were still top-notch and luckily compensated for the overall texture and it’d be worth giving it a second shot given the quality of the others.

New York has some of the best speciality, artisanal donut shops in the country (maybe the world), but there are also places that will have a special treat on the menu as their sweet treat amongst other savory options, and then there are spots like Super Nice, a spot that has a little of it all.